Prosper is releasing a set of new investor APIs. These APIs will be deprecated soon. For more details please get in touch with our team at apibeta [at] prosper.


RESTful access to prosper listings and your account. To use the API - first create an API password. Login, go to settings -> API settings, and create your password for the API.


OData is an application-level protocol that has been designed to provide data interaction operations via HTTP. Besides basic data manipulation capabilities (such as adding, deleting and updating) it also provides more advanced mechanisms such as filtering.

Full documentation on OData is located here: Note we only support a subset of the OData protocol:

  • $top – Retrieves a certain number of results.
  • $skip – Skips over a certain numbers results & returns the remaining result set.
  • $orderby – Retrieves result set in a certain order.
  • $filter – Filter the result set returned (more details regarding the $filter query option Filter System )

api/Listings?$top=3 Returns the top 3 Listings
api/Listings?$orderby=ProsperRating Returns all Listings ordered by ProsperRating
api/Listings?$filter=ProsperRating eq ‘A’ Returns all Listings where ProsperRating = A
api/Listings?$top=10&$skip=10 Top 10 Listings, after the first 10. This can be used to create paging solutions

Content Negotiation

The Prosper API uses content negotiation to return result sets in json, xml or csv format by setting the Accept header in your request to “application/json”, “text/xml” or “text/csv”

HTTP Basic Authentication

All API endpoints require basic authentication. The easiest way to accomplish this in most web browsers is to form your URL